What Is A Deadlift? What You Need To Know.

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By Sean James

The deadlift is one of my favourite exercises when hitting the gym. It’s great for working your quads, glutes, back and hamstrings. It’s one of those exercises which builds your strength and develops your fitness. It’s also pretty incredible for adding that extra muscle. Here’s a deadlift benefits tip. Don’t neglect them!

What is a deadlift: A deadlift is a compound exercise where a loaded barbell (deadweight) is pulled away from the ground to the level of the hipline. Once the bar reaches the hipline, it’s then lowered back to the floor to complete the exercise.

What equipment is needed to perform a deadlift?

This is the great thing about doing deadlifts. You don’t’ need a lot of equipment to get going. To get started you will require a basic Olympic barbell and some weighted plates. It might be worth getting some rubber matting if you’re planning on buying for a home gym. Rubber matting will protect the floor when putting/dropping the barbell to the floor. Over time you will get stronger and may need to buy some new plates. Thankfully the basic ones are inexpensive!

What are the deadlift benefits?

It is the king of the lifts. The benefits of deadlifts are enormous! It’s great for adding muscle and building core strength. It’s also rather good outside the gym too if you need to move something heavy. If you apply the principles you’ve learnt in the gym you’ll find you can probably lift a lot more weight and a lot safer too! The deadlift is also great for posture and balance.

Where can I learn about deadlifts?

Most good personal trainers should be able to teach you about deadlifts. This depends on your budget. If you wish to be shown correctly, it might be worth looking for a coach who has a particular interest in powerlifting or strong man. The deadlift is a critical exercise in both of these sports. If you contact your local gym, I’m sure you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

YouTube is another excellent source if you wish to teach yourself. It’s free, and there are hundreds of videos from professionals who guide step by step. When I first started lifting weights, I would use tuition videos and learn as I went on. The downsides though; I injured myself a few times as I was not being supervised.

What are the deadlift muscles worked?

The deadlift utilises many muscles at once. This is why it’s the king of the lifts. In one lift you can expect you use your glutes, quadriceps, adductors, and hamstrings. For a full list, check out this article here.

So to conclude this short article. Deadlifts are a must if you wish to gain strength as well as build muscle. They’re an exercise that can be done safely and easily incorporated in your gym routine or home workout.