The Deadlift World Record

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By Jim Turner

I hope you’re feeling strong? Unless you’ve been hiding in the cardio area, I expect Eddie Hall is no stranger to you. If you don’t know, it’s okay. You’ll soon find out.

So who has set the deadlift world record? According to the Guinness World Record’s, Eddie Hall currently holds the deadlift world record with a whopping 500kg. Eddie set the record on 9th July 2016 which still remains unbeaten.

He reports it as “the most incredible lift in human history and one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever done.”

Lifting this much weight didn’t happen overnight and has taken Eddie many years of dedicated work, effort and surplus calories. Let’s have a look at what’s involved behind the record deadlift.

What does the deadlift world record training plan look like?

Eddie Hall’s training plan is pretty full and spends most of his day training and recovering. According to his latest interview with Guinness World Records, he spends 1 hr 30 min of with physiotherapy, 1 hr 30 min of cold/hot treatment, 1 hr 30 min of stretching, 3-4 hours strength training and 1 hour of cardio per day. That’s more than most of us do per week!

His appetite is pretty massive too

As you’ve guessed by his training regime, Eddie doesn’t take any half measures. His diet is also full on, and he requires twelve thousand five hundred calories per day to be precise.

Here’s Eddie’s diet when training for the deadlift world record

  • 3 am: Raw steaks and protein shakes
  • 7 am: Full English breakfast
  • 10 am: Second breakfast – fruit, beef jerkyMidday snacks: 150 g cashew nuts, litres of cranberry juice, milk, protein shakes
  • Lunch: Steak and chips, salmon and pasta or chicken and pasta/rice
  • Dessert: Half a family cheesecake
  • Second lunch at 3 pm: Tuna sandwiches, flapjacks, five or six portions of fruit, Lucozade, cranberry juice
  • During training: Cranberry juice, litre protein shakes with full-fat milk, coconut water
  • Dinner: Curry, spaghetti bolognese or steak and chips
  • Dessert: The other half of the cheesecake
  • Snacks: Protein bar, beef jerky
  • In bed: Protein bars, beef jerky, raw steak

What’s Eddie Hall up to now?

According to Eddie, he is going to take a hiatus from weight training. Over time it appears to have caused various health implications on his body. To be honest, I’m not surprised after achieving the 500kg world record deadlift. When he was at his heaviest, he weighed in at 32 stone.

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