How To Use Chalk For Deadlifts

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By Sean James

I was at the gym yesterday, and my buddy asked me how to use chalk for deadlifts. I didn’t know the answer right away, but with some research, I found a couple of ideas I wanted to share with you.

Chalk can help you perform better on most lifts. Occasionally hands can get sweaty or wet when working out and eventually the bar becomes slippery. Using chalk can help dry them and create friction between the bar and the skin. Using chalk can help you grasp the bar better when deadlifting leading to a stronger lift.

What type of chalk is available for deadlifts?

Weightlifting chalk can come in different shapes and sizes. The main variations are blocks, powdered and liquid. I prefer the liquid as it’s easier to apply and makes less of a mess. I also find liquid is gripier compared with powdered chalk. The powdered chalk is good, but most of it goes on the floor which is pretty wasteful. The blocks of chalk are also worthwhile as it can be applied directly to the parts of the palms needed.

How to properly apply chalk for deadlifts

If you’ve been in any weightlifting gym that allows the use of chalk you’ve probably seen some unusual sights. People seem to apply chalk everywhere and get most of it on the floor or their shirt. But the chalk should go on the palm of your hands and fingers, specifically the parts of hands that grip the bar. As I mentioned earlier, applying chalk increases friction so ideally, it needs to be applied where the bar is going to make contact. This is why I like using the liquid as it can be applied to the areas needed without causing too much mess. However, getting it on your clothes is inevitable.

Does chalk increase strength?

Using chalk when deadlifting doesn’t increase your strength per se but it will increase your grip strength by stopping the bar from moving. When you’re working out for some time, the bar can become sweaty, and your grip will end up failing. You’ll probably find when deadlifting for some time your grip eventually fails. Using chalk can help dry out the skin which gives you that reassurance knowing the bar is going to stay put. You’ll probably find having a better grip does allow you to lift heavier. Give it a try!

Chalk drys out my hands

Unfortunately, with every pro you’ll stumble across a con. Using chalk drys out my hands pretty bad, but I suppose I can’t have it both ways. You may find chalk also dry out your hands. I recommend finding a moisturiser to help keep them hydrated.

I hope my brief, but informative post helps you make a decision about weightlifting chalk. The only way to find out how to use chalk is actually to try it and see what works for you. As I said, liquid chalk is good and does last a long time. It’s sold on most fitness sites (this links to a Google search) and is pretty inexpensive. Give it a go!

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