5 Effective Deadlift Alternatives Worth Trying

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By Sean James

More than one-third of adult Britons are not getting enough exercise. This increases their risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, and type 2 diabetes.

Those that do manage to incorporate a regular workout can attest to the benefits and addictive nature of a great work out session.

One great exercise, the deadlift, is probably the most beneficial exercise you can perform for muscle building.

From time to time, however, injuries, physical limitations, and even doctor’s orders make it difficult to do deadlifts altogether.

Nonetheless, if you are dead set on building muscle, there are some alternatives to the traditional deadlifts that you can try. They might not give you the exact same results, but they will get you close enough.

Here are five deadlift alternatives for you to try.

1. Rack Pull

Rack pulls elevate barbells off of the floor, reducing the distance between it and the lifter.

This is done using safety bars or pins to fasten the barbell in a squat rack. The lifter can then get the same range of movement, only with significantly lessened range.

This alternative is useful for people with lessened mobility and taller people.

2. Romanian Deadlift

This exercise also utilizes a reduced range of motion.

Unlike a rack pull which is a top-up movement, a Romanian deadlift is a top-bottom lift. This again provides a safe range of motion.

3. Pull Through and Kettle Back Swing

These two exercises are excellent for people looking to build a good backside. The two are done using a similar hip motion. They are done on high rep-sets, which builds muscle and conditions hamstrings and hips.

4. One Armed Dumbbell Lift

The one arm dumbbell is capable of producing more force on each side of the body than is produced when using both sides simultaneously.

Besides this, the resting side also receives nervous stimulation as increased blood flow is channelled to the resting side.

This exercise also stresses your core musculature as well. Ultimately, this may help you build strength for the conventional deadlift and other exercises as well.

5. Sumo Deadlift: Among the Best Deadlift Alternatives

The sumo deadlift is another excellent substitute for conventional deadlifts. This borrows the wide stance taken by sumo wrestlers.

This deadlift targets your full body; hamstrings, glutes, quads, shoulders, arms, core and the chest.

The key to doing a sumo deadlift is letting your arms attach you to the bar. From there, push through the floor with firm feet and legs to drive the bar upwards.

The closer the bar stays to your leg, the better your mechanical advantage. This allows you to perform with more weight, and complete more reps.

Take Your Pick

If you have been skipping the deadlift section of your work out session, these deadlift alternatives should come in handy.

Their common theme is that they are easier to perform and present great benefits to your body.

The key, as with all other exercises, is to do them correctly to get the most out of them and to avoid injuring yourself.

Check out this article to learn about mistakes you should avoid in order to be safe while doing deadlifts.

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